Transcription Styles, Confidentiality Agreement, Rates, and Sample Transcripts

Transcription Styles

CML Transcription will produce transcripts adapted to any of the conditions that are specific to your project. You decide on any of the following features:

  • Full verbatim: Word-for-word, sound-for-sound, including the hesitation words (um, uh, euh), filler words (you know, like) as well as stutters and false starts, etc.
  • Modified verbatim: No hesitation words and devices will be included. This means words and sounds such as uh, um, euh, and devices such as repeating words and phrases to buy time to formulate thoughts and words will be eliminated; if the repetitions are used for emphasis, however, they will be transcribed;
  • Do you want to include filler words such as you know and like ? Do you want to keep in false starts and switches in ideas? It’s up to you.
  • Emotional sounds such as sighing, crying, and laughing will be noted.
  • Formatting will be based on your requirements: double-spaced, single-spaced, or other spacing; margins will be set where you want them. You decide on the font, and its size.
  • Identification of participants: To ensure the anonymity of the participants, they can be coded; or if you prefer, full names or initials can be used; or no identification at all — it’s up to you. A key will be provided at the beginning of the transcript if you choose to identify each participant, coded or not.
  • Time codes can be inserted in the transcript at the intervals you would like.

Confidentiality Agreement

CML Transcription guarantees that all audio files and the resulting transcripts transferred between you and CML Transcription will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please contact me for a sample confidentiality agreement and contract which can be adapted to suit your requirements. Alternatively, I would, without hesitation, sign any documents related to your particular project prepared directly by you or by your institution.


My rates are extremely competitive for the professional service that I provide. You will be working directly with me, the person who is transcribing, researching terms, proofreading, and correcting the transcript, and so you will not have to pay for a contractor AND a sub-contractor. All transcripts are proofread a second time with the audio.

The total transcription time for any given audio file depends on a number of factors:

  • the quality of the audio in the recording that you provide (recordings using cellphones or Skype can be more challenging to transcribe because of distortion, as can recordings where there is a lot of background noises)
  • the number of participants
  • whether it’s in full or modified verbatim (full verbatim takes longer to transcribe)
  • the speed at which the interviewee(s) speak(s). Sometimes, the pace at which a participant speaks is so slow that the transcription time is reduced. In such cases, I usually provide a reduced rate.
  • whether there is a lot of overtalking
  • whether the interviewee(s) speak(s) in a lot of starts and stops, or has other types of complex speech patterns.

Here are a few parameters. The base rate for a one-on-one interview or a single voice transcribed in modified-verbatim style is $1.75 per audio minute. Very rarely, when the quality of the recording is poor or the interviewee has a particularly challenging speech pattern, and it takes me quite a bit longer to transcribe, I will apply a slightly higher rate. Of course, since full verbatim transcription takes longer to transcribe, the base rate is $2.00 per audio minute for a one-on-one interview.

Rates for group interviews depend on many factors, especially on the number of voices that need to be transcribed. Please contact me with the details of your specific project.

I am open to discussing special approaches to the rates. For instance, if there are many pauses and silences in a recording, it would take me less time to transcribe, and a rate based on the number of characters with spaces in the transcript could be applied. Hourly rates can also be discussed. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project.

Sample Transcripts

Below you will find samples of transcripts I have produced, and which I am reproducing with permission from the producers or the participants.