Uploading Files using SendThisFile

You will need a password to upload a file or files, so please contact me before you go ahead. Please note that the transfer of these files is secure and fully encrypted.

Once you let me know you’re ready to send me files, I will send you a link to a fully encrypted web page on which you can upload your audio or video files. Copy and paste the link into your browser, enter your email in the form that appears, use the password I’ve sent you, and write any message you might have for me in the box provided.

Using the Browse… function, load each file you are sending me individually from your computer. Once they have been loaded, click on the SendThisFile button.

Depending on the speed of your connection, it can take up to 5 minutes to load a 30-minute audio file. You’ll be able to see the progress of the upload.

Very Important!!! Please do not close the browser window until all the files have finished uploading or the file transfer will stop.

I will always acknowledge receipt of the file(s), and please contact me if you are having any problems uploading the files.